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  • Created to meet the unique needs of the Pennsylvania judiciary & their family members.
  • All services are 100% confidential, voluntary, and provided at no charge to Pennsylvania judges and their family members. 

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Confidential Help for Judges

Due to the nature of their work, compassion fatigue can be a real concern for judges. They may also contend with depression, other mental health concerns and  problematic substance use just like anyone else.  Find out more here…

Confidential Help for Family Members

Are you worried that your loved one may be struggling with an emotional, mental health or substance use problem? Perhaps you are a family member of a lawyer or judge who is struggling with these issues, and you are in need of support. Find out more here…

Confidential Help for a Fellow Judge

You’ve noticed that your colleague’s attitude or behavior has changed, and you are concerned for their well-being. They appear to be struggling with a professional or personal issue that may be affecting their work. Find out more here…

Confidential Help for Lawyers

Pennsylvania’s lawyers are not immune from problems related to mental health and substance use. The practice of law is demanding, and lawyers are at significant risk for developing depression and stress-related illnesses.  Find out more here…

Confidential Help for Law Students

Law school is incredibly demanding, and the ongoing stress can negatively impact a student’s physical & mental health. They may feel scared and alone in their struggles with mental health and substance use issues. Find out more here…

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Since 1988, we have discreetly assisted thousands of lawyers, judges, their family members and law students struggling with:

Stress & Burnout
Problematic Alcohol Use
Problematic Prescription & Illicit Drug Use
Grief & Loss
Problematic Gambling
Eating Disorders
Emotional & Vicarious Trauma
IPA / Intimate Partner Abuse
Compassion Fatigue
Compulsive Behaviors & Other Mental Health Concerns 

***IMPORTANT! If you or someone you know are considering suicide, it’s crucial to get help right away. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a service available to anyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week toll-free. Dial 988 or text the number 988, call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.***

Click here for a list of suicide risk factors, warning signs & resources.

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