Mission Statement

To provide a caring peer assistance program to save the lives and restore the health and professional competence of Pennsylvania’s judges and lawyers, members of their families, and law students who are at risk as a result of alcohol and drug use, gambling, depression or other serious mental illness. We carry out this mission through a combination of confidential helpline services, volunteer support and education.

Guiding Principles

Our six guiding principles are:

1. the scope of our helpline services is broad and includes addiction and mental illness, but is not so broad as to include career counseling, financial planning, quality of life, etc.;

2. our education and training programs are of equal importance to our helpline services – they seek to reduce the societal stigma attached to addiction and mental illness, increase bench and bar awareness and understanding of the nature of these illnesses, and generate new calls to our confidential helpline;

3. an LCL volunteer assisting an individual shall not simultaneously act as a sobriety or mental health monitor for that individual;

4. LCL staff shall not engage in clinical services (e.g., conduct evaluations, act as a therapist) or sobriety or mental health monitoring services;

5. LCL volunteers shall be utilized at every opportunity to support recovery; and

6. LCL’s programs shall be based upon cooperation between staff, volunteers and healthcare providers.

Board of Directors

Mark F. Flaherty, Esq., President
Mark B. Sheppard, Esq., Vice President
R. Anthony Waldron, Esq., Secretary
Peter Speaker, Esq., Treasurer
The Honorable William I. Arbuckle III
Frank J. Bolock, Esq.
Bruce Carsia, Esq.
Patrick M. Casey, Esq.
Walter F. Casper, Esq.
Michael A. Cassidy, Esq.
The Honorable Thomas M. DelRicci
Thomas J. Duffy, Esq.
Andrew K. Fabian, Esq.
The Honorable John H. Foradora
Scott D. Godshall, Esq.
Michele S. Haggerty, Esq.
Peter N. Harrison, Esq.
Joseph D. Holston Jr., Esq.
The Honorable Andrew J. Jarbola III
C. Reginald Johnson, Esq.
Alfred Jones Jr., Esq.
Robert H. Lefevre, Esq.
The Honorable Francine T. Lincicome
The Honorable Sarah C. Makin
Richard L. McCoy, Esq.
The Honorable Robert J. Rebstock
Riley H. Ross III, Esq.
Mark B. Sheppard, Esq.
Barry M. Simpson, Esq.
Peter J. Speaker, Esq.
Thomas J. Stapleton, Esq.
R. Anthony Waldron III, Esq.