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Education and understanding are the keys to both personal recovery and providing effective assistance to another. This is why we maintain a library of books and pamphlets covering over 200 topics which we offer to you at no cost. We thank the Pennsylvania Bar Association Lawyers Assistance Committee for their generous financial support which supplements our ability to purchase this literature. (Our free literature offer is limited to Pennsylvania’s judges and lawyers only.)

Our 2 Most Popular Books
  • Feeling Good by David Burns, MD

This book provides a drug-free treatment for depression that has been proven to be extremely effective for some people.

  • Stress Management for Lawyers by Amiram Elwork, JD, PhD

This easy-to-read and very practical self-help book was written specifically for lawyers. He discusses both the causal factors of stress within our profession and what each of us can do to maintain optimum physical, mental and emotional health.

Other available topics include:
12 Step Recovery Guides

Addictions Science


Alcoholics Anonymous


Bipolar Disorder

Chemical Dependency


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Co-Occurring Disorders


Drug Addiction

Eating Disorders


Family Recovery

Gamblers Anonymous





Narcotics Anonymous


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Other Mental or Emotional Health Issues

Pain Management

Prescription Drug Abuse

Problem Gambling

Process Addictions

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Sexual Addiction or Compulsivity

Special Populations


Substance Abuse


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