The Judge’s Assistance Program

Pennsylvania’s judges are not immune from stress, substance abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, problem or compulsive gambling, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, etc. An inherited vulnerability is often involved placing some individuals at greater risk than others to developing these illnesses. And they are chronic and progressive – they do not go away on their own. Unless the judge receives appropriate treatment he or she will needlessly suffer and may one day find him or herself in trouble with the Judicial Conduct Board.

The Board of Directors of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers and our network of volunteers have always included recovering judges – men and women who understand the unique circumstances and pressures of being a judge. We know firsthand the price of professional and personal isolation necessary to preserve the appearance of impartiality. We are sensitive to the heightened level of awareness of both the public and the media to their every action. And, we fully understand the extraordinary need for discretion and confidentiality when seeking assistance for potential substance abuse, emotional problems or a mental health disorder.

Whether you are worried about your own well-being or that of a member of your family, a colleague, a lawyer or a law school student, JCJ can help.

  • All of the services we offer are 100% voluntary.
  • We freely offer you our services and support but you retain control.
  • You may accept or decline or disengage from any or all of our services at any time.

The JCJ Confidential Helpline

Our Confidential Helpline is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your call is confidential. JCJ does not disclose the identity of Helpline callers to the Supreme Court or any of its agencies. You may choose to remain anonymous.

Since 1988 LCL has operated a Confidential Helpline, to answer questions, provide general information and assist you in selecting the service(s) best suited for your needs. [Calls received between 5 P.M. and 9 A.M., weekends and holidays are answered by the Medical Bureau of Harrisburg. They can connect you with LCL executive staff if you need immediate assistance.]

The services we offer are as follows:

  • Free information and literature
  • Referral to a qualified healthcare provider for a free, private and  confidential consultation and diagnosis
  • Provided with a personalized plan of treatment recommendations by a qualified healthcare provider
  • Peer support (judges who understand your concerns)
  • Referral to LCL executive staff or a professional interventionist to discuss your concerns regarding another judge, a family member or a lawyer