Warning Signs of an Impaired Lawyer

All of us have our good days and bad days. But when a pattern of personal and/or professional problems emerge it is likely that there are underlying causal factors which, left addressed, will lead to very serious problems.

Attendance Problems


Financial Problems

  •  late to court related proceedings
  •  failure to appear at proceedings
  •  unable to be located
  •  improbable excuses
  •  last-minute requests for continuances
  •  shows up in the wrong courtroom


  •  personal use of trust account funds
  •  attorney trust account overdrafts
  •  failure to timely disburse from trust
  •  credit problems, writing bad checks
  •  judgments, tax liens, bankruptcy







Personal Problems

Professional Performance Problems


  •  legal separation or divorce
  •  frequent accidents and/or injuries
  •  arrests or warnings from police
  •  isolating from friends and family
  •  last-minute requests for extensions
  •  missed statute of limitations
  •  missed deadlines
  •  inadequate follow-through
  •  poor concentration
  •  inattention
  •  difficulty remembering details
  •  general difficulty with recall
  •  failure to appropriately respond
  •  unprepared or poorly prepared





Health Problems


  •  frequent illnesses
  •  irritable, inpatient, angry
  •  unpredictable, rapid mood swings
  •  over/under reacts to events
  •  insomnia
  •  sudden weight gain or loss








“Motivational Interventions – A Proven Strategy to Reach Someone in Distress”